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For new drivers who have just obtained license, they need a cost-effective, durable, low maintenance, and easy-to-drive car to practise with. Which used cars are more suitable for them? Based on market data from the past year, our editor has selected 7 popular car models that are a must for beginners who want to buy a car!


The Honda Jazz (known as Honda Fit in Japan) has a compact body length of only 4 meters. The large front windshield and A-pillar windows provide a wide field of vision, which is especially friendly for new drivers as it helps reduce the risk of scratches. In terms of driving experience, although it has a small engine displacement, it is lightweight and equipped with a responsive transmission, delivering both 

enjoyable performance and smooth driving. With a fuel consumption of 4.8L/km, it is an economical choice.

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A compact 7-seater car that maximises space utilisation. With its three-row seating layout and versatile seats, there is no wasted space in the car, and it can accommodate various family belongings. The dual sliding doors and low floor make it convenient for passengers to get in and out of the car. With a fuel consumption of 20.2 KM/L, it stands out among its peers. As a Toyota, it requires minimal effort for maintenance, making it a practical choice for beginners.

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The FREED can be seen as the MPV version of the Jazz. It inherits the durability, fuel efficiency, and good power delivery of the Jazz while having a more stylish exterior. Compared to the Jazz, it offers two additional seats, making it suitable for those who enjoy the driving experience of the Jazz but also need to cater to their family's needs.

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The Corolla embodies Toyota's spirit. Although it may lack standout features, it is well-balanced in all aspects, scoring around 70 out of 100 in every category. While it may have weaker driver-car interaction and less sporty handling, the driving experience is relaxed and the power delivery is smooth. The spacious A-segment car offers a comfortable ride, with a generous trunk capacity of 470L to accommodate all your travel needs. With a fuel consumption of 19.9 km/l, it performs well among its peers. If you need a car for five passengers and prioritize passenger comfort, buying a Corolla would be a solid choice.

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The Golf is Volkswagen's most meticulously crafted model, and it has been the best-selling model since its introduction in 1974. The best technologies are incorporated into the Golf. In terms of driving experience, it follows the European tuning philosophy, with precise chassis feedback, agile suspension action, and sufficient support. The interior space is well-designed for family use, with the only drawback being the slightly elevated floor in the middle of the rear seats. If you want to take care of your family's needs while enjoying a sporty driving experience, the Golf is a great choice.

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Sharing the same PQ34 platform as the Golf, the Scirocco has a different tuning. It delivers more direct power output than the Golf, with the gearbox more actively downshifting to keep the engine speed above 2000 rpm during daily driving. This results in a more dynamic power delivery and exhaust note, but it also leads to higher fuel consumption compared to the Golf. In terms of space, the distinctive coupe styling compromises practicality to some extent. If you want a stylish and powerful sports coupe, the Scirocco is a good choice.

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As the best-selling hatchback, the Ractis has its unique approach to family use: ensuring comfort and peace of mind for family members. The asymmetric door design provides easy access for passengers, with a door opening height of 1250mm and width of 1020mm. The low floor height of only 300mm makes it easy for elderly and children to get in and out of the car. The interior offers up to 19 storage compartments, catering to the storage needs of every family member. The power delivery is designed to be smooth and comfortable, even during full acceleration. The Ractis is fully committed to serving families, with all designs focused on improving the well-being of family members. If you need a car that takes care of your family wholeheartedly, the Ractis is definitely a top choice.

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These are the 7 popular car models for beginners. We hope this information helps you find a suitable used car that meets your needs as a new driver. Remember to consider factors such as budget, maintenance costs, fuel efficiency, and personal preferences when making your decision. Happy car hunting!

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